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Stunning branding portraits that tell your unique story.

Branding photo of a pretty, smiling young woman with blond hair and brown dress. She's sitting on chair, holding her watercolor tools on her lap. Personal branding photography session with Printed Water and Alicia Waller.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a competitive edge?

With so much competition across all industries, you need to create a brand that stands out. Our personal branding photography is the perfect tool to help you differentiate yourself from the rest and effectively market your services. It allows potential customers to visualize what they are looking for when searching. With our branding photos, you will create an accurate sense of who you are by how you present yourself online

We are here to help strengthen your online presence. If you need a simple headshot for your profile, a full year of highly branded content to showcase your small business, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Bourgeois Portraits
Branding photo of a handsome, stylish man standing. He's wearing a blue suit and tie and nice watch on a dark gray backdrop. Ben Lovelace Personal Branding Photography
Classy photo of pretty black woman smiling. She's wearing a brown, textured head covering and a white shirt on tan backdrop. Audra Odom Women's Portrait Photography.
Branding photo of a sharply dressed, smiling man with blue suit and red striped tie. Financial Advisor. Brian Thomas Headshot Photography.
Classy photo of a pretty, smiling black woman with glasses wearing a bright red shirt, black necklace and golden earrings. She's wearing red lipstick and red nails. Janice Butler Women's Portrait Photography.
Sharp photo of an actor playing a sophisticated professor or lawyer. Wearing a red shirt with a gray jacket. His hair slicked back and his beard tamed. Jonathan Hano Acting and Headshot Photography.
Bright photo of a pretty woman sitting and leaning on a box, her hand up as she touches her neck. She is wearing a black shirt with golden earrings, necklace and a bracelet. Myra Ruiz Personal Branding Photography.
Sharp photo of a handsome man in a blue suit, white shirt and blue tie with a salt and pepper beard. He's buttoning his suit jacket and looking serious. Donald Aucoin personal branding photography.
Branding photo of a smiling pretty young woman with blond hair and cream tulle leaning on table working on laptop. Personal branding photography session with Printed Water and Alicia Waller.
Photo of handsome actor with white shirt sitting and smiling with hand close to face. Personal branding photography.
Professional photo of a pretty, smiling woman with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes leaning on a box with her chin resting on her hand. She's wearing a white turtle neck and a brown jacket. Regina Yorke Headshot Photography.
Sharp photo of smiling Guy Furay with curly brown hair in a blue pinstripe suite, white shirt and bright green tie. He's casually leaning on a chair. Guy Furay Personal Branding Photography.
Professional photo of a pretty, smiling young woman with dirty blonde hair and red lipstick. She's wearing a green dress while sitting on a stool with legs crossed, arms resting on her legs and chin resting on her fist. Meredith Dowless Personal Branding Photography.
Classy professional photo of a woman with long dark brown hair. She is wearing a red shirt, a pearl necklace, earrings and red lipstick. She is holding her arm with one hand and leaning on the other.

The Sharp Professional

Our personal branding experience creates portraits that help you build trust with clients and be seen as an industry expert. We work with you to sharpen and define your brand, so that you have a cohesive image. Our goal is to help you create beautiful imagery that will give soulful life and personality to your website and social media platforms.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to establish yourself as the go-to resource in this competitive landscape.

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Client ❤︎ Love

Katie Klaiber

Caleb and Tiffany are an incredibly talented team. From helping choose outfits that will photograph well, to setting you at ease in the studio, they create a whole experience. I absolutely love my updated headshots! I highly recommend Bourgeois Portraits. You will love the process and the results!

Alicia Waller

I was so impressed with the prep work Tiffany and Caleb did for my branding shoot - they articulated my brand so well, and put a lot of thought into how to show my brand through portraits. When it came time to do the shoot I was a little bit nervous coming in, but they instantly made me feel so comfortable - giving me direction on how to position my face, hands, etc for the best angle and making the shoot a fun but productive time. I left feeling confident, impressed by their knowledge and skill, and with too many great shots to choose from!

Regina Yorke

Caleb and Tiffany will put you at ease if you're like me and cringe at the thought of having to have our pic taken. My appointment was to get my headshot for marketing purposes. The whole experience was wonderful. C & T spent time with wardrobe and posing me so that Caleb could catch the best shot. I can't thank them enough. I'd hate to think how my headshot would have turned out had I gone to another photographer.

Ben Lovelace

I had a great experience with Caleb and Tiffany. I like the fact that they know their stuff (lighting, posing, positioning, etc.) and don't mind providing direction and making you feel very comfortable. These guys are PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS and not some amateur that bought a nice camera a year ago. I highly recommend them and am extremely happy with my pictures.

Mariah Terrell

I would definitely recommend Tiffany to anyone looking for photography for any occasion. She is patient and skilled at what she does! I’m typically not comfortable in front of the camera, but Tiffany helped me to loosen up and embrace my beauty! She made it a fun and sweet experience! She is a gem. You will not be disappointed!

Shannon Windham

Thank you Caleb and Tiffany with Bourgeois Portraits for the awesome experience! You two really know how to make your clients feel special!! Coming through in such short notice and providing me with the most professional quality photo I have ever had. I highly recommend them if you are in need of a headshot and other photography needs.

Defining Your Brand

It was a pleasure to work with Alicia Waller at Printed Water. In this blog post, we talk about what we did to create effective branding photos for this local artist. Read about the process and vision that went into creating striking images for her business.

Branding photo of a smiling pretty young woman with blond hair and cream tulle leaning on table working on laptop. Personal branding photography session with Printed Water and Alicia Waller.

The Portrait Experience

Our goal is to ensure your comfort throughout the entire process. We understand that many people feel uneasy in front of the camera, so we've designed our experience to alleviate any apprehension.


We introduce you to our process and discuss your vision for the perfect portraits.


Creativity takes the stage with wardrobe selection, set design, and optional professional hair and makeup.

Guided Portrait Session

Feel fantastic as we expertly direct you through your session, set to your favorite playlist.

Ordering Appointment

After your session, you will return to the studio. We’ll guide you through the proofs and you will select the portraits you wish to purchase. All purchased portraits are professionally retouched to our high professional standard.

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