Cinnamon McCauley
Tiffany Bourgeois

The Suit

We first met Cinnamon for her consultation after she booked one of our 40+ portrait sessions. It was exciting to plan her session because she knew exactly what she wanted. We asked her “Why now?” Why commission portraits now? Portraits had always been on her mind. But after seeing our portfolio, she felt she had found the right photographer and was inspired to finally go for it!

So our first (and crucial) step is the consultation. We want to take hold of the client’s vision and objective. We want to understand what makes them tick. We ask good questions, so that we can design a storyboard for the client’s session. During Cinnamon’s consultation, she expressed that a high priority was to be photographed in a men’s suit for one of her sets. A few days before the session, when finalizing the storyboard, we realized that although she had plenty of great wardrobe options, none of them included a men’s suit!

This was a problem.

All of our clients receive homework after their consultation, which includes reviewing our “What to Wear” style guide and sending photos of what they already own (that they’d like to wear). Then we can then help them know where to fill in the gaps to see their vision come to life. But we know life gets busy. So we are here to help every step of the way! We’ve had clients whose work schedules are so busy (due to travel) that I’ve curated their entire wardrobe collection for their session based on the budget they set. Everyone of our clients’ needs and desires are different and we tailor our services to meet those needs.

So with days before her session, and her being out of town, we scoured through stores to find that much desired suit. And as you can see, our searching was a success and Cinnamon looks fantastic in this suit! Great work Cinnamon!

How do you want to be seen in your own portraits? Reach out and we can help that dream become a reality!

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