The Purpose


In this digital age, many have lost the desire to seek wisdom and guidance from their elders. Although social media aims to connect us, we seem to be more isolated than ever. Our hope is that this 40 Over 40 Portrait Campaign helps restore a true connect and build rich relationships among our community here in the Upstate. We hope this campaign helps us see one another more clearly and grow in grace through stories of wisdom, virtue, triumph and perseverance. We know there is an abundance of wisdom among us. We’re seeking to uncover and put it on display.

The Question


The big question we ask everyone is this:

What’s the most valuable lesson you have learned in your 40+ years?

In essence, this question seeks to reveal the wisdom you have acquired through the trials of life. This is an exercise of looking back in order to look forward and help each other to grow in wisdom.

The Objective


Our objective with this portrait campaign is to photograph 40 individuals over 40 who live/work/play in the Upstate of South Carolina throughout 2021. This campaign will end with a gallery exhibition next year that highlights each participant.


If you’d like to be a participant in the campaign please fill out the application. The first 5 people that book their session will receive a $50 OFF of the session fee. We offer a discount on our print collections for all participants as well as a free gift with purchase if you choose to purchase images from your session.

Campaign Form

Please fill out this form if you’d like to participate in our 40 Over 40 Portrait Campaign. This page is secure.